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The Aria – Simply Elegant

Mar 13, 2018 - 0

In the context of concert and operatic works, arias evolved from simple melodies into structured forms; they carried the storyline, more emotional weight and the opportunity to display true talent. How fitting that the Aria Pendant, with its fine craftsmanship and simple elegant form, bears this namesake.

An opulent presentation is created by three concentric rings manifesting as a singular grand metal crown. Fabric imbued with petite Swarovski crystals lines the interior with glamorous sparkle; the center circlet serves as a light guide bearing an intricately etched pattern, to carry and direct the glimmering light. Offering the benefits of both up- and downward lighting, the concealed LED light guide may be dimmed to allow for optimal control of the ambience you wish to create.

With two size options available, the Aria Large LED Pendant has a stately radius of nearly 63”, while the Aria LED Pendant is just over 34”. Each is available in a choice of eight finish colors for the exterior ring with an accent choice of Soft Gold or Vintage Platinum for the interior finish.


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